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About Us

The Founder 

The Sunday Dream Centers (SDC) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. SDC is a foundation of Action. Propelling individuals into their purpose in life. SF creates, finds and supports individuals who want to improve their thinking, wellbeing and offer opportunities that will empower individuals to obtain a fulfilled, joyful and thriving life.

SDC’s Founder Dr. Renee Sunday, the visionary of The Non-Profit The Sunday Dream Centers states: "I have practiced anesthesia for over Fifteen years. My mission is to encourage and empower others to enjoy life, share their message and obtain their dreams. Furthermore, I enjoy being an instrument to render services to others and to show compassion, love, and the standard of care."


Besides being an Anesthesiologist Dr. Sunday is a radio and television personality – Host of Good Deeds Radio & TV Show, Platform Builder, Grief & Loss Specialist, Group Counselor, Motivational & Inspirational Coach, Passion & Purpose Guru, Author, and Publisher.


Dr. Sunday experienced a loss of both her brother William Sunday, Jr. and Godson - Eyianlijah. During this time at the hospitals especially while in the intensive care unit (ICU), she noticed supportive families tired and physically exhausted. Many of the families were in need of basic necessities and support themselves.


Sunday Dream Centers (SDC) was birthed to be a part of the solution to satisfy the needs of families. There are several existing organizations that help in this task as well. SF fervently will join the purpose to remedy the lack of others and continue to be one of the extended family members of one family at a time.

Our Mission 

Our Mission is Serving Individuals to embark and obtain their purpose throughout communities near and far. Opportunities are few and far between. SDC is here to bridge the gap with programs, necessities, resources, events to serve and tailor to meet the needs of each individual.


We will accomplish the mission through Programs, Seminars, Workshops, Awards and Recognition plus other benchmarked resources for individuals to advance and propel forward in life.

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