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To volunteer connect with us. We have opportunities for you to make a difference in someone's life.

Be A Liaison With Social Workers

Sunday Foundation Liaisons (SDC)


SF Liaisons are key to the success of partnerships and support networks by providing ongoing community friendship and support for SDC Families. The Liaison teams are a mouthpiece for Sunday Dream Centers in communication, networking and connecting with families and provide support. The most pivotal attributes for a Sunday Foundation Liaison is to possess:

  • a genuine regard for people of all ages,

  • the ability to listen and to be objective,

  • the desire to learn about other cultures.


SF Liaison Team will be interviewed and trained in compliance and guidelines Confidentiality is paramount. For more information click here 

Corporate Support

Sunday Foundation embraces Strategic Corporate Philanthropy. We treasure collaboration with corporations, services, entrepreneurs.


SF fosters the connections and experiences of corporations to aid in our mission, vision, programs, events, and services, etc. Sunday Sunday's Goal is to ensure philanthropic unions that bolster the realization of short and long-term goals for all involved. for more information click here. 

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