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Sunday Foundation Projects

Welcome to the heart of our mission at the Sunday Foundation, where our array of impactful projects come to life. Explore how we're making a difference in communities through targeted initiatives designed to uplift, educate, and unite.

Turkey Giveaway

Turkey Giveaway is a cornerstone initiative of the Sunday Foundation, reflecting our deep commitment to fostering community unity and support. 


This vital program provides holiday turkeys to underprivileged families, accompanied by a communal feast that reinforces local bonds and celebrates shared values. 

The initiative not only addresses food insecurity but also enhances community cohesion. 


It is meticulously organized to ensure a dignified experience for all participants, continuously assessed to gauge its impact on family well-being and community spirit. 


This annual event, the foundation brings the community together, highlighting our core values of respect, solidarity, and mutual support.

Design of God Conference

Design of God Conference is a yearly gathering that embodies the Sunday Foundation's commitment to nurturing leadership and spiritual growth, particularly among women in faith-based roles.

This flagship conference provides a dynamic platform for renowned speakers and offers a series of workshops designed to foster both personal and professional development. It serves as a vital networking opportunity, enabling participants to cultivate connections that support their spiritual journeys and leadership ambitions.

The conference significantly contributes to community building and the enrichment of spiritual lives, aligning with the foundation's overarching mission to uplift and inspire leaders across diverse faith communities. 

Its impact is evident in the proliferation of community initiatives and enhanced leadership roles undertaken by attendees, marking substantial progress in their professional and spiritual realms.

This event not only celebrates women's leadership but actively contributes to their empowerment in faith-based communities, facilitating a ripple effect of positive change throughout these networks.

Sam the Shark Birthday Party

Sam the Shark Birthday Party at the Georgia Aquarium, a cherished initiative by the Sunday Foundation, is a marquee event designed to merge environmental education with sheer entertainment for children and their families. 


This annual celebration allows participants to engage directly with marine life, fostering a fun and immersive learning environment. 


Fun activities like fun reading activities  tours, , and interactive games, the event promotes awareness of marine conservation and the importance of preserving our oceans. 


The foundation's innovative approach not only brings educational content to life but also strengthens community ties by involving families in meaningful conservation efforts. 


This event is pivotal in nurturing young minds to be conscious and caring about the natural world, showcasing the foundation's dedication to combining education with environmental stewardship.

Be a Liaison with Social Workers Pogram

Be a Liaison with Social Workers program at the Sunday Foundation is a comprehensive initiative designed to connect the foundation's services with community needs through well-trained, culturally competent volunteers. 


This program is essential for providing personalized support and adapting to the evolving challenges faced by families. 


Each liaison effectively bridges service gaps between families with family members in the intensive care unit in hospitals.  

This program not only meets immediate community needs but also fosters long-term relationships, ensuring sustainable support and deepened community ties. 


Through this, the foundation demonstrates its commitment to dynamic and responsive community engagement, setting a standard for excellence in social service.

Sunday Dinner - Food Pantry for Seniors

Sunday Dinner - Food Pantry for Seniors represents one of the newest and most promising initiatives currently in the planning stages. 


Specifically designed to address the unique needs of the elderly, this program aims to enhance both nutritional health and social connectivity among seniors. 


As an emerging pivotal initative of the foundation's community support services, it will offer meals tailored to the dietary requirements of older adults, while simultaneously creating a vibrant community hub to combat social isolation. 


This initiative reflects the foundation's commitment to holistically improving seniors' quality of life by integrating essential nutritional support with opportunities for meaningful social interactions. 


Sunday Dinner - Food Pantries  innovative approach promises to enrich the lives of seniors, providing them with the resources needed to thrive in a supportive community environment.

Come & join us!

Each of these projects is carefully designed to meet specific community needs while aligning with the foundation's overall mission to propel individuals into purposeful, fulfilled lives. 


Supporting these initiatives, grantors invest in sustainable, impactful programs that have a demonstrable track record of success and community improvement.

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